We produce stainless steel

TRINOX METAL, serves as an stainless steel flat producer since 2014 in Çorlu production facilities which Turkey’s first cold rolling manufacturer of stainless steel DAIYANG METAL had began operations in 2007.

TRINOX’s production facilities are located in an area of 80,000 square meters in Avrupa Serbest Bolgesi (ASB) region, Tekirdag. The company has 75,000 tons of production capacity per year and can produce 60,000 tons of 2B surface and 15,000 tons of BA surface. As an affiliate company of a world-famous stainless-steel processing business group, TRINOX METAL is engaged in entire value chain from production to processing and marketing and strives for customer satisfaction with a deeper understanding of the fast-changing business environments that today’s customers are facing.


With a modest vision to be a desired and trusted supplier, we fulfill the principles of excellence and dedication effectively, and strive to grow while achieving customer satisfaction.

General Health and Environment

Stainless steel for a cleaner world. A clean environment is essential for human health and well-being.

Human Health Profile

It is the ideal material for medical, food and water applications required for human health.

Industrial Safety

The safety and health of people working in the stainless steel sector is our top priority.


Stainless steel is a recycling champion. It is one of the important contributors to the sustainability of the steel industry.